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Location FRESNO, California
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Brand Ambassador - Why be a brand ambassador with Dooring Media?
+ Make up to $200/month or more in extra cash.
+ Help your local entrepreneurs and the community.
+ You choose the entrepreneur or business to partner with.
+ You decide how much advertisements you want on your vehicle.
+ Payment is directly deposit into your bank account every two weeks.
+ No extra driving than you are already doing.

To apply, you must:
+ Must be at least 18 yrs.
+ Must have a vehicle dated 1996 or newer.
+ Have a clean driving record and vehicle insurance.
+ Have a well maintained and dent free vehicle.
+ Permit a GPS system be installed in your vehicle.
+ Allow local entrepreneurs to place their advertising on your vehicle. (vehicle door magnets up to an entire vehicle wrap)

The Brand Ambassador will:
+ Ensure the vehicle is well maintained and dent free.
+ Maintain a valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance..
+ Report any accident, traffic infractions or mechanical issues affecting vehicle operations to Dooring Media immediately.
+ Ensure business partners’ advertisings are on display on the vehicle at all times.
+ Not temper with the GPS installed in the vehicle.

Company: Dooring Media

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